International Civil Aviation Day 2023 – Advancing Innovation For Global Aviation Development

Today, 7 December, St Helena joins the rest of the world in observing International Civil Aviation Day. 

We recognise the development of global aviation and the social and economic benefits this realises around the world, and is realising here on St Helena. The aviation industry has a major influence on modern life, providing fast transportation across the world. This has been particularly true for St Helena, where aviation has had a significant impact on our lives since the first flights to and from the Island commenced in 2017.

Many technologies have been introduced at airports and in aircraft over the years, making air travel more effective and efficient. Innovation is ongoing in order to keep current with the demands and expectations of the modern traveller and to also broaden the benefits to the industry.

The way people travel around the world will continue to change in the coming decades as global priorities shift and new technologies and new innovations become available, redefining efficiencies in travel. Cutting-edge technology and innovations such as unmanned aircraft (drones, etc.), artificial intelligence (AI), biometrics, advanced robotics, and aircraft using alternative fuels or electric, will have a positive impacts on new ways of travel and airport experiences.

As this evolves, we can expect to see some of these innovative solutions and new technologies deployed to St Helena too. Our airport remains the ‘International Gateway to St Helena Island’, providing welcoming, compliant and efficient airport operations for St Helena.

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