Audio Recordings Of Legislative Council Meetings Now Available Online

To improve transparency and accessibility, Formal Legislative Council sessions are now available on the St Helena Government YouTube channel. These recordings can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

Whilst Hansards are produced which provide a written record of every formal meeting, making audio recordings available online will improve the ways in which people can access and engage with the business and proceedings of the Legislative Council, promoting further transparency in the process.

The three Ministers Question Time sessions are now available on the SHG YouTube channel at the following link They can also be accessed through the Legislative Council section of the SHG website via

Whilst it won’t be possible to upload copies of previous formal sessions of the Legislative Council due to issues with the audio recordings of these, all future Formal open sessions will be put online. This includes Formal Legislative Council sittings, Minister’s Question Time and Select Committee Meetings.

Audio recordings of proceedings will be uploaded shortly after the conclusion of the sessions, usually within three working days.

Formal Legislative Council meetings are also broadcast live across St Helena on SAMS Radio 1 and are open to members of the public to attend in person.

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