The naming of the new seamount

The name “Captain Rodney Young Seamount” has been selected as the proposed name of the seamount that was mapped in St Helena’s waters by the RRS Discovery last year. The name was put forward by Sharon Wade of the Friar, Cleughs Plain. His Excellency the Governor, Nigel Phillips CBE, has submitted the proposed name to the International Hydrographic Office for their consideration and approval.

In her submission, Sharon conveyed that the sentiment for the proposed name for the seamount was “to remember the person who had portrayed the best about our Island to all who had travelled on the RMS St Helena whilst he was Captain – his hard work, dedication, professionalism, courtesy, compassion with a great sense of humour. He possibly had navigated the area of the new seamount many times without even knowing it existed. It would be fitting that we should remember someone who had been inspirational to others and their name will forever be seen on nautical charts.”

The late Captain Rodney Young, the first St Helenian Captain of the Island’s service ship, the RMS St Helena, was an active mariner. He was well loved and respected by the local community and was instrumental in the development of many maritime careers.

The Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Portfolio would like to thank all persons who took the time to make a submission to the competition.

A further update will be provided following consideration of the proposed name by the International Hydrographic Office.

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14 September 2023

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