News, Updates And Communications Survey Reminder

SHG is currently conducting a survey to find out what people think of the news, updates and communications provided by the government.

By filling out a survey form, either online or on paper, you can tell us if you receive and how you receive information from SHG. You can also tell us what you think of the information we put out, what it is you want to hear about from us, and whether the information provided is clear and understandable.

The results of the survey will help SHG to improve the service currently provided, and make sure we’re tailoring information as best as we can for the public.

The survey is available online at

Hard copies are also available at the Postal and Customer Service Center, the Public Library, the NDRA front desk, the Castle front desk, the hospital outpatient and dental clinic waiting rooms, and the rural post offices – MTB Town Shop; Andy’s Shop; Red Hill Shop; Phillip John’s Shop; New Ground Shop; All Sorts Shop; Marcus Fowler’s Shop; Blue Hill Shop; and the Longwood Supermarket.

You can also fill out an online copy of the survey at the Canister Tourism Office in Jamestown using their tablet device. The tourism office is open from 8:30am to 4pm daily.

The survey will close on Wednesday 31 May at 16:00, so please provide any responses before then.

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St Helena Government Communications Hub

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