Improving Essential Equipment In Overseas Territories Programme Update – Treasury, Infrastructure & Sustainable Development Portfolio

In November 2022, SHG announced that St Helena would receive funding from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s bespoke 2022/2023: Improving Essential Equipment in Overseas Territories’ Programme.

St Helena was allocated up to £1,800,000 for the purchase of equipment of critical importance to the Island, in areas including healthcare, emergency services, port operations, road maintenance and the airport.

Focus on the former Treasury, Infrastructure & Sustainable Development Portfolio

£267,687.70 was allocated to what was then the Treasury, Infrastructure & Sustainable Development Portfolio. This was used to purchase a Minimac Slurry Paver from VSS Macropaver for the Roads Section.

This was as a result of successful bitumen slurry trials over the past five years, where bitumen slurry was found to be a suitable surface dressing for the Island’s roads. The Minimac is a self-propelled, hand built specialist machine, specifically designed and built to mix different types of slurry. The machine mixes the ingredients of the slurry automatically and delivers consistent mixes every time. The mixed slurry is discharged inside a special slurry box and spread through the box with a set of augers. The mix in the box is dragged behind the machine as it moves forward and places the slurry evenly over the width of the box.

The Minimac arrived on-Island on Voyage 5 of the Maria Da Paz and was commissioned by a service technician from the supplier during the week of 11 to 18 November 2023. During the week of commissioning, training was also given to the operators and maintenance staff of the road section and vehicle fleet section.

A slurry mix contains crusher dust, bitumen, water and a small percentage of cement. The procurement of this machine will assist the roads team to effectively maintain roads on St Helena. Not only will this improve the quality of the roads around the Island, but it will also reduce future maintenance requirements, meaning that SHG is able to operate more effectively in terms of how it deploys its resources.                                                                                                               

Director of the Safety, Security & Home Affairs Portfolio, Alex Mitham, commented:

“While the slurry paver was procured before the Roads Section moved over to Safety, Security & Home Affairs, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Deon and his team for the months of research to identify the right equipment for St Helena.

“The Minimac is not going to suddenly address all the issues with the roads – but it should be the first step in helping address the maintenance concerns and quality of the road surfaces. As ever though, I would like to thank the FCDO for funding the equipment. We may not be following the yellow brick road, but at the very least it should be an improved road.”


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11 December 2023

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