HM Customs Prepayment Facility

HM Customs would like to remind the public that prepayment of duties on imported goods can be made in advance of the collection of goods.

To do so you will need to obtain your waybill from your consolidator (e.g. Richard James International, MS Atlantic Ltd, Zedcore, Table Bay Marine, or Umugusi etc) and email it and any invoices associated with it to:

This email can also be used for customer enquiries or any advice regarding customs.

You will receive an Assessment Notice in reply, advising you of the amount of customs duty owed.  

Before the collection of goods, payment can be made at the HM Customs Office at Jamestown Wharf or the Post and Customer Services Centre in Jamestown, or either online or in person via the Bank of St Helena (BOSH).

If paying in person you will need to present the Assessment Notice. If paying via BOSH you will need to use the Assessment Notice number as the payment reference.

If payment is made through the Post and Customer Services Centre or BOSH then confirmation of payment should be sent emailed to HM Customs via: Confirmation can also be given by telephone on 22287.

Proof of payment is required before the release of any goods.

When payment is made in advance customers are not required to queue at HM Customs after collecting their goods. This allows for a smoother and faster process when releasing goods, and reduces the demand on HM Custom’s services on cargo days.

The public are encouraged to make use of this service, and get in touch with HM Customs for more information if required.

20 December 2023

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470