Fish Tag Return Reward Scheme

The Marine and Fisheries Conservation Section would like to remind all those fishing, especially on Maundy Thursday, that there still is an ongoing reward scheme for any fish or lobster caught with a tag.

The following rewards are paid when the tag and certain catch information is presented to the Marine and Fisheries Conservation Section:

  • Tuna
    • Conventional tag (yellow) £10
    • Internal Data Storage Tag (orange) £100 Please return internal tag, located in body (stomach) cavity
    • Satellite tag (orange) £100 Please return sat tag, located next to dorsal fin
  • Grouper tag (yellow) £5
  • Lobster tag (green) £5

When you catch a tagged fish or lobster you will also need to record the following information to collect the reward:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Tag ID (please provide both tags when fish is double tagged)
  • Length of species
    • Tuna (straight fork length)
    • Grouper (total length)
    • Lobster (carapace / gearbox length)
  • Any additional data, such as weight, is appreciated.

If a tagged fish or other species is caught that is under the minimum size or if you chose to catch and release it, the reward can still be given. To claim this you will need to record and provide the date, location and the length of the catch to the Marine Fisheries and Conservation Section. Please do not remove the tag, but instead report the unique tag ID or provide proof by taking a picture before you return the catch to the ocean.

Should you have any queries please contact the Marine and Fisheries Conservation Section by telephone on 25966 or by email through Alternatively, please feel free to drop in during normal working hours at the Marine Centre, The Wharf, Jamestown.

You can also keep an eye out for any posters at main landing steps and on the ferry boat, which have more information concerning the tag reward scheme.


5 April 2023

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470