Economic Development Investment Programme 2023-24 Micro Projects Allocated

The Programme Management Office (PMO) is pleased to advise that the following micro projects, funded through the Economic Development Investment Programme (EDIP), have been approved for implementation in 2023/24:

  • Yacht Moorings – The number of yacht moorings will be increased to accommodate an additional seven moorings.
  • Forest Recreation – Improvement and enhancement of the amenity area at Big Rock and the car park at Scotland. 
  • Jamestown Middle Steps – The existing steps will be refurbished, railings reinstated and new access/egress for swimmers installed.
  • HM Prison – The Prison will be expanded to allow up to an additional six prisoners to be accommodated.

The EDIP Review Group approved these projects following an assessment against the agreed criteria.

Project works will now progress during this financial year.

Notes to Editor:

All projects are assessed against the criteria which was approved in 2019 by the Executive Council. This approval was for an annual budget of £150,000 to be made available from the EDIP for ‘micro projects’. These are considered to be projects that can be implemented relatively quickly by the local private sector, with a total cost of £50,000 or less and have maximum direct benefits to the wider public. The micro projects budget is intended to support projects that are linked to SHG’s and EDIP’s strategic priorities.

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1 August 2023

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