Changes to Public Service Structure


The current Public Service structure was implemented two years ago in April 2021, as part of a wider transformation programme, when we moved from Directorates into larger ‘Portfolios’ to ensure we have a more streamlined structure, with services and functions that have a shared or similar purpose grouped together under one senior manager. This meant moving some functions and reducing from eight Directorates to five Portfolios plus a Central Support Service.

Review of progress

This structure has been operational for the last two years and we are starting to see the benefit of more efficient ways of working, particularly in areas where there is synergy and shared purpose.

It has been noted however that the span of functions in Treasury, Infrastructure & Sustainable Development (TI&SD) is particularly broad, and this, when combined with the fact that the TI&SD Portfolio Director is also the Financial Secretary, means that this area is particularly ‘heavy’ and there is a need to consider how the load can be better spread.

The improvements we will make

As a result, with effect from the beginning of September, the following changes will be implemented to address the challenges:

  • The Financial Secretary will no longer be a Portfolio Director
  • Treasury becomes a separate function (as with Central Support Service) led by the Deputy Financial Secretary and reporting to the Financial Secretary, this will have little change to the day-to-day operational activities for the function
  • Economic Development (previously Sustainable Development) becomes a separate Portfolio and will require a new Portfolio Director
  • GIS and Marketing will move to Central Support Service
  • GIS is a support function servicing all Portfolios and the wider public
  • Marketing is a cross sector function and will sit with Communications to ensure that there is a joined up approach to brand implementation and marketing
  • Works, Roads and Rock Guards will move to Safety, Security & Home Affairs (SS&HA) Portfolio – these are operational functions and there is synergy with Safety and Security
  • The Shipping Registry moves across to align with the new Maritime Authority in SS&HA
  • The Police will continue to be line managed by the Governor with a day to day reporting line to SS&HA via a Service Level Agreement for strategy, budget, HR support, emergency planning and response
  • Technical Services will move to the Programme Management Office
  • The Delivery Team is a delivery function which will sit initially with the Chief Secretary and includes the Programme Management Office. The Chief Secretary already has responsibility for strategic policy and planning and this function will allow for a coordinated approach to take account of the SHG Strategy, the Planning and Budgeting process, the Policy and Legislative programmes, and the Executive Council process. The FCDO Development Attaché will work closely with the Delivery Team.

Ministerial responsibility remains exactly as is, with Minister Brooks retaining responsibility for the Treasury function as well as the Economic Development Portfolio.

The new organisation chart is as follows:

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30 August 2023

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