Road Closure

Due to the delayed arrival of the MV Helena, construction of the remaining nine (of a total of 40) concrete road panels on Side Path has had to be reprogrammed. This is because the Contractor is awaiting the required materials and regrettably these cannot be sourced on-Island.

From Monday 14 November 2022 the Contractor will instead be undertaking works to the historic wall. This is also part of the Side Path Road (R2) Project, but had been scheduled to take place after construction of the concrete road panels had been completed. This reprogramming is the best way to mitigate the shipping delays and ensure that Side Path road can be reopened before Christmas.

In order to allow these works to take place safely, the Highway Authority has given permission for the section of Napoleon Street above the laundrette, the Brow, and Seales Corner Road up to Carnarvon Court entrance, to be closed from Monday 14 November 2022 to Friday 02 December 2022. 

During this closure, only emergency services will be granted vehicular access.  Pedestrians will be allowed access, but are asked to be mindful of their surrounding and vigilant of work underway in this area. Appropriate signage will be in place.

Other road users are asked to use the access from the Market Street entrance through Seales Corner.

For any queries, Site Supervisor – Mr Chris Williams can be contacted on mobile no. 67424 or the Contractor – Mr John Isaac on mobile no. 62466.

The public are thanked in advance for their understanding and cooperation.


14 November 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470