R2 Project – Side Path Road Reopening

Further to recent announcements, SHG confirms that Side Path Road will reopen to vehicular traffic and pedestrians from 3.30pm today, Tuesday 20th December. Road signs are in place at the top and bottom of the road to confirm that the speed limit remains 20mph, and no cycling is permitted up or down Side Path. 

Side Path is now predominantly a two lane road, but there are still constrictions at various points where vehicles (depending on their size) will need to take care when passing each other.

Please take particular care until familiar with the new road layout, remain in your lane, and only straddle the broken white centreline of the road when it is safe to do so.

All traffic management barriers and signage at the Hospital area will be removed by the reopening time.

The public are thanked for their patience, understanding and co-operation during the road closure.

On the reopening of the road, Minister for Treasury, Infrastructure and Sustainable Development Mark Brooks said:

“I, as I’m sure many others will today, welcome the reopening of Side Path. The works undertaken have been substantial, and although disruptive, should mean that the Island is able to safely enjoy this new fit-for-purpose road for many years to come. This has been a significant project and I want to thank the contractor and their staff, the project team officials and all those who have helped to make this happen.”

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