Additional public session for public consultation on proposed new immigration policy

On Monday, 7 November 2022, a public consultation began on a proposed new Immigration Policy. Hard copies of the proposal are available from the Post Office, the Public Library and online via the SHG website here:  

To ensure members of the public are able to fully engage in the consultation process, an additional public consultation session will take place in Levelwood on Thursday, 24 November.

The dates for the remaining public consultation sessions are therefore:

Kingshurst Community CentreWednesday,16 November   7pm – 8pm
Sandy Bay Community Centre                                    Monday, 21 November   7pm –8pm
Harford Community CentreWednesday, 23 November                               7pm – 8pm
Silver Hill Bar, LevelwoodThursday, 24 November7pm – 8pm
St Mary’s Church, The BriarsMonday, 28 November                                         7pm – 8pm
St Michael’s Church, RupertsWednesday,  30 November                                  7pm – 8pm

A Minister, as well as government officials, will be present to answer any questions. 

Views and responses can also be submitted by email through Head of Immigration, Emerald Newman-Yon, via email:

Once the public consultation has been concluded, all views will be scrutinised and discussed with elected officials before amendments are made where appropriate.

A note on the discussions during the public consultation, including the number of attendees will be published accordingly.


15 November 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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