St Helena’s Marine Centre To Officially Open

The Environment, Natural Resources & Planning Portfolio, through the Marine Conservation and Fisheries Section, works to ensure the protection of St Helena’s marine environment and IUCN Category VI sustainable use Marine Protected Area (MPA) as set out in the Island’s Marine Management Plan (MMP). The Section’s responsibility is to provide the scientific evidence base for management decisions and this is done via scientific monitoring, research and management actions/regulation of marine activities to contribute to the formulation and implementation and review of associated marine and fisheries policy.

Since 2012, all laboratory based science had been conducted in a small make-shift room at Essex House which was less than ideal for the Section’s requirements to date and would limit such requirements for the future. 

With the support of the UK Governments Blue Belt Programme, St Helena is proud to have a purpose build facility situated at the Wharf, now called the St Helena Marine Centre.

The purpose of the new facility is:

  • To provide a modern and fully equipped laboratory space for continued marine and fisheries science that compliments St Helena’s Marine Protected Area designation in gathering and preparing evidence based advice for marine management.
  • To provide new and improved office space for SHG marine and fisheries science employees and visiting researchers.
  • To provide safe rentable space for visiting researchers to enhance their knowledge of St Helena’s marine environment.

The official opening of the Marine Centre will take place on Wednesday, 8 June 2022, at 3pm to celebrate World Oceans Day. The Marine Centre will then be opened to the public for viewing between 4pm and 7pm. All are welcome.

The Blue Belt Programme will also be hosting an event in The Royal Society, London entitled event ‘Small Island – Big Impact’, the event will focus on the work carried out by the UK Overseas Territories and the wider Blue Belt Programme. During this event Mrs Kedell Worboys, St Helena Government UK Representative, will be giving a presentation on the work that has been carried out by St. Helena. The event will take place between 10:00am-16:00pm (GMT) and can be followed online via Small Island – Big Impact YouTube Live Stream link

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7 June 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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