Side Path Road Update

A technical review of the Side Path Road (R2) Project in February this year recommended a change from constructing a bituminous road pavement to a concrete road pavement. The primary reasons for this change were a combination of technical matters, project completion date uncertainties, cost concerns, and health and safety issues, as explained during the Economic Development Investment Programme (EDIP) public information meetings held around the Island last week.

This change has been approved, and a variation to the existing construction contract has been negotiated and will be signed shortly. As a result, the concrete road pavement will be constructed within the original Project budget, and with a lower whole life cost to St Helena than the previously proposed bituminous pavement. This means that constructing a concrete pavement will cost St Helena no more money than currently budgeted, and will provide better value for money over the next 40 years. Completion of construction and opening of Side Path Road is now expected in October 2022.

Pending signing of the variation to Side Path Contract 4 (Road Surfacing), work on Side Path Contract 3 (Storm Water Management and Road Base) is now re-starting.

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5 May 2022

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