Royal St Helena Police Service release new Police & Crime Plan

The Royal St Helena Police Service has released its new Police & Crime Plan outlining the policing priorities that will be addressed on St Helena and Ascension Island. The plan identifies six priorities for the Police Service to:

  • Prevent and tackle crime
  • Protect vulnerable people
  • Improve public confidence in policing
  • Improve the police service
  • Deliver justice for victims of crime
  • Make our roads safer.

For each of these priorities, there are a number of aims along with an explanation as to why these aims are deemed important. The Plan also provides an insight into the demands placed on the Police Service during 2021-22 as well as a framework for the delivery of policing which aims to keep our communities safe and reduce the level of crime. Progress against the plan will be monitored on a regular basis.

His Excellency Governor Nigel Phillips CBE commented:

“Capable and competent policing is at the heart of a safe and stable community. A community where the way of life means people can go about their daily lives with confidence. It follows, therefore, that maintaining the balance between personal freedoms and ensuring the rule of law can be upheld is an endeavour to which the entire community must contribute, our collective aim to achieve policing by consent. The emphasis on community engagement, deterring crime, protecting the vulnerable and ensuring the necessary policing specialisms are available, means capable and competent policing should be assured well into the future.”

Chief of Police, David Price, concluded:

“The role of the Royal St Helena Police Service is to make St Helena and Ascension Island safer and to ensure our Islands remain a hostile environment for criminals. The Police & Crime Plan clearly defines our current priorities, enabling us to focus our efforts on matters that will make a real difference to our communities.”

The plan can be read on the Royal St Helena Police Service page of the SHG website via: Direct link:

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12 October 2022

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