Recreational Water activities permitted within James Bay and Ruperts Bay

Port Control would like to advise the public that James Bay and Rupert’s Bay is now once again open to all recreational swimming and scuba diving.

This follows the announcement on Friday, 18 November that an oil leak from the RFA Darkdale had been observed, and that sea conditions were pushing the leak toward the coast. In the interest of public safety, James Bay and Rupert’s Bay were closed to recreational water activities until further notice.

Monitoring and assessment of the leak was conducted throughout this period, to assess whether any further action was needed. Following further assessment, authorities are satisfied that the leak has now stopped, and therefore does not pose a risk to water users.

The public are also advised that a 1.8m to 3m meter North-Westerly swell is forecast for St Helena from Saturday, 3 December, to Tuesday, 6 December 2022. It could produce unsettled sea conditions in James and Rupert’s Bay.  Therefore the public is advised to take due care and attention when swimming in the Bays during this time.


2 December 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470