Quarantine Exemption For Engineers To Commission Critical Backup Solutions

Two engineers from Schneider Electrical, providers of energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability, will be arriving on the Titan Charter flight from the UK today Monday, 7 March 2022.  The purpose of their visit is to commission critical backup battery solutions at three sites on-Island that accommodate equipment of essential services. These sites are:

  • The Oxygen Generation Plant at Bradley’s Camp
  • St Helena Government’s (SHG) Main Data Centre at Carnarvon Court in Jamestown
  • Connect Saint Helena Ltd’s core equipment and services based at Carnarvon Court, Jamestown.

This commissioning role can only be undertaken physically by Schneider Engineers and, due to the limited availability of these engineers, works will be undertaken on Monday, 7 March, Tuesday, 8 March and possibly during the early hours of Wednesday the 9 March. The engineers will depart the Island on Wednesday, 9 March.

Executive Council has given approval for the engineers to be exempted from quarantine, following negative COVID-19 tests on arrival, to perform the commissioning of these critical battery solutions.  The exemption is granted subject to the condition that they must at all times comply with the requirements set by a Proper Officer and the designated Work Plan.

SHG and necessary personnel have carried out risk assessments for the Work Plan and all personnel involved have been briefed on the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures that will be implemented during works. 

The public is advised that by noon on Monday, 7, throughout Tuesday, 8 March and into the early hours of Wednesday the 9 March, areas near and within Bradley’s Camp and Carnarvon Court will be cordoned off to demark a working area.  Please refrain from entering these areas unless you are authorised to do so.  Customers and members of the public who will need to contact Connect Saint Helena’s Carnarvon Court workplace are kindly asked to either telephone: 22255 and/or to report to Reception at the Seales Corner complex.

This work plays a vital role in the protection of essential equipment. It is extremely important for the back-up battery solutions to be commissioned so that critical equipment at these sites remain protected and continue to function throughout unexpected power cuts, which are experienced on-Island. Currently when these conditions arise, the affected systems often require extended man hours to rectify problems, with significant amounts being spent to repair core systems. In the case of the Oxygen Generation Plant the commissioning of the appropriate backup battery solution prior to its activation will undoubtedly aid the damage prevention measures of a vital solution for St Helena. 

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7 March 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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