Public Consultation on proposed new Immigration Policy

Starting Monday, 7 November 2022, a public consultation will begin on a proposed new Immigration Policy. Hard copies of the proposal will be available from the Post Office, the Public Library and online via the SHG website here:   


A robust immigration system is a core function of any government, and St Helena’s current immigration system needs revising to meet the future requirements of the Island. The need to reform immigration processes to make them quicker and simpler was identified in St Helena’s Sustainable Economic Development Plan 2018-2028.

Following a review of the existing policy, in 2020 draft proposals to update the Island’s approach to immigration were put to public consultation. However, following the introduction of the new Ministerial System in 2021, the draft proposals have been updated to reflect SHGs enhanced Vision and Strategy 2022-2025 document. As they have now been altered, a further public consultation is taking place.

The objectives of the proposed Immigration Policy is to:

  1. Improve on protecting borders and ensure that the Island is safe and secure.
  2. Simplify and clarify existing processes in order to make them more user-friendly. Enhancing the experience of the general public and businesses with immigration processes.
  3. Ensure that all applications made under the Immigration Ordinance are processed quickly, fairly, consistently and transparently.
  4. Assist wider initiatives within SHG to encourage and support economic growth.

The draft Immigration Policy has been developed and updated by SHG’s Immigration Section. It proposes a number of changes, including simplifying Work/Entry visas, and clarifying Permanent Residence Status.

Consultation Details

To ensure all members of the public are able to submit views there will be a number of in person consultation sessions taking place across the Island, commencing on 7 November. A Minister, as well as government officials, will be present to answer any questions. 

Views and responses can also be submitted by email through Head of Immigration, Emerald Newman-Yon, via email:

The dates for the public consultation sessions are below:

Jamestown Community Centre7 November7pm – 8pm
Chamber of Commerce8 November7.45pm – 9pm
Half Tree Hollow Community Centre 9 November7pm – 8pm
Prince Andrew School Student Council10 November2pm
Blue Hill Community Centre                                             14 November   7pm – 8pm
Kingshurst Community Centre16 November   7pm – 8pm
Sandy Bay Community Centre                                             21 November   7pm – 8pm
Harford Community Centre23 November7pm – 8pm
St Mary’s Church, the Briars                                                    28 November  7pm – 8pm
St Michael’s Church, Ruperts                                                 30 November  7pm – 8pm

Once the public consultation has been concluded, all views will be scrutinised and discussed with elected officials before amendments are made where appropriate.

A note on the discussions during the public consultation, including the number of attendees will be published accordingly.

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3 November 2022

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