Post-Election Seminar

Elected Members,  Ministers, Portfolio Directors, officials and Legislative Council Office staff will participate in a Post-Election Seminar from Tuesday,  1,  to Thursday, 3 February 2022, delivered virtually by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK Branch.

Elected Members have participated in various international virtual conferences over the last three months, however this seminar has been specifically developed for the new Council and follows on from the virtual training that was delivered by the Civil Service College in October 2021.

This seminar will focus on three main topics: Good Governance (Day 1), Life as a Parliamentarian (Day 2), and the Committee System (Day 3).

A programme with details of each session will shortly be uploaded to the Public Information, Reports and Policies page of the SHG website at:

St Helena PES 2022 Programme Booklet

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31 January 2022

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