Minister Scipio to Represent St Helena at Falkland’s War 40th Anniversary Events

On Saturday 19 November Minster for Environment, Natural Resources and Planning, Christine Scipio, will travel to the Falkland Island’s to represent St Helena as part of the 40th Anniversary events.

As part of the programme Minister Scipio will attend the Battle Day Parade which is marked on 8 December each year and is a national holiday in the Falkland’s which commemorates the 1914 Battle of the Falkland’s. This was First World War naval battle fought between the Imperial German Navy and the Royal Navy. The German Imperial Navy had intended to attack Stanley, before the Royal Navy successfully intercepted and engaged them offshore, defeating the attacking party.

Following the parade will be the official unveiling of the plaque for Naval Party 8901 and the Falkland Islands Defence Force, who were the first to engage with the Argentines in 1982.

St Helena had hoped to be represented at events to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Falkland’s War earlier in the year, but due to COVID-19 impacting flight availability this was not possible.

On her attendance, Minister Scipio said:

“It is a privilege to represent St Helena during the 40th anniversary celebrations. We were disappointed to not be able to send a representative from the Island earlier in the year, but I am honoured by the invitation extended by the Falklands to attend Battle Day. St Helena and the Falkland’s has a strong connection as south Atlantic Overseas Territories, something that was strengthened during the Falkland’s War when the RMS St Helena and its crew supported the efforts to liberate the islands. Many Saints continue to work and live in the Falkland Island’s to this day.”

“Whilst there I will be engaging in official meetings with the Falkland Islands Government and taking the opportunity to meet with the St Helenian Community at Mount Pleasant Complex and Stanley.

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18 November 2022

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