Legislative Council agrees amendments to the Prisons Ordinance, 1960

Legislative Council has recently agreed amendments to the Prisons Ordinance, 1960 following the separation of the Police and Prison Services.

The amendment will:

  • Provide prison officers with the powers that they require while they are on duty without requiring them to be appointed as police officers.
  • Clarify that prison officers are only subject to the disciplinary rules contained within the Prisons Ordinance 1960, allowing the Superintendent of Prisons to efficiently and effectively manage their staff.

The Prisons Ordinance, 1960 sets out the legal framework for the management of Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) Jamestown.

Prior to introducing this amendment, the Ordinance did not provide any specific powers to prison officers and, as a result, it has been necessary to appoint them as police officers. This is in order, amongst other needs, to allow them to carry personal protective equipment. Doing so has given prison officers the full range of police powers and obligations whilst they are on duty and carrying out their prison officer role.

Following the creation of the Safety, Security & Home Affairs Portfolio and the recent separation of the role of Superintendent of Prisons from the Chief of Police, the Prisons Ordinance, 1960 has been subject to review, and initial amendments put forward to help better reflect the requirements of, and obligations on, prison staff. Ultimately these changes ensure prison officers have the correct powers when required, and are answerable to the Superintendent of Prisons, as opposed to the Chief of Police.

This is the first stage in updating the Prison Ordinance, 1960 to better reflect the modern needs of HMP Jamestown and the community. Further amendments will be forthcoming as a more detailed review takes place.

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21 October 2022

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