HM Customs Prepayment Facility

HM Customs would like to remind the public that prepayment of imported goods can be made in advance of the collection of goods in the following way: 

Obtain your waybill from your consolidator (e.g. Richard James International, MS Atlantic Ltd, Zedcore, and Andrew Weir Ship Management) and email your waybill and invoices to: This email can also be used for customer enquiries or any advice regarding Customs.

You will receive an Assessment Notice in reply advising you of the amount of Customs duty owed.  

Before the collection of goods, payment can be made at the Customs Office or at the Post & Customer Services Centre by presenting the Assessment Notice, or at the Bank of St Helena or via online banking using the Assessment Notice number as a reference.

If payment is made through the Post & Customer Services Centre or the Bank of St Helena then confirmation of payment or details can be sent via email or by telephone to HM Customs on tel: 22287.

By utilising this facility customers will not be required to queue for cash formalities and the prepayment process will speed up the release of goods. Furthermore this arrangement will help with social distancing.

The public is thanked in advance for their understanding and cooperation.

5 August 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470