Five Sea Rescue Personnel Successfully Complete 15 Nm Rescue Coxswain Course

Members of the Sea Rescue Service who completed their 15 Nautical Mile Rescue Coxswain training

A certificate presentation to recognise Sea Rescue personnel was held at the Sea Rescue Facility, Ruperts, on Tuesday, 18 January 2022.

During the ceremony, Jaime Yon, Liam Otten, Remi Bruneton, Rawena Delaney, and Angelo Ellick were presented with certificates for successfully completing their 15 Nautical Mile Rescue Coxswain training.

The team also undertook associated training and certificates were presented to Deaclan Franconi, Jaime Yon, Liam Otten, Remi Bruneton, Rawena Delaney, and Angelo Ellick for successfully completing their VHF Radio and RADAR plotting courses.

The four-week training course commenced on 13 December 2021 and was delivered by Graeme Harding from the National Sea Rescue Institute, South Africa. The training consisted of both theory and practical exercises, focusing on navigation, casualty handling, search patterns, decision making, collision regulations, and scenario exercising. This training is very important to ensure that the Sea Rescue team can respond appropriately to casualties at sea as per St Helena’s requirement under the Aviation and Maritime conventions.

Sea Rescue Manager, Simon Wade, said:

“I would like to thank Graeme for coming over once again, taking the long trip on the MV Helena, enduring the quarantine in Cape Town and on-Island, during the time of his annual leave to deliver this training. I would also like to thank those of you who supported this training programme; to Portfolio Director of Safety, Security & Home Affairs, Alex Mitham, and Chief of Police, David Price, who recognised the importance of achieving this training during difficult travelling times, and to the Corporate Human Resources team for the support and for funding this programme – some of this work started back in August 2021. I thank you all.”

Portfolio Director of Safety, Security & Home Affairs, Alex Mitham, concluded:

“Gaining the coxswains training not only ensures we meet our international obligations in supporting the Airport and allowing flights to operate safely, but far more importantly it gives Sea Rescue greater resilience. Because it’s either Murphy’s Law or probably more appropriately Poseidon’s Law that something will go wrong when you least expect it, and that’s when Sea Rescue come into play.

“This course not only enhanced the students skills, abilities and knowledge, but also their confidence in seamanship and capabilities in helping anyone in distress out at sea. I would like to thank SHG for funding the training, thank Simon Wade for organising it, Graeme Harding for providing the training, and especially congratulate all students.”

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20 January 2022

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