Exemption for Engineer to undertake Critical repair and maintenance work at General Hospital

A specialist engineer from Siemens Healthineers in South Africa arrived on St Helena on Saturday, 23 April 2022, and is currently in Home Quarantine.  The engineer has been contracted by the Health Services Directorate for a two-week period to undertake critical repair and maintenance work on the scanners within the Radiology Department of the General Hospital. 

Ministers have given approval for the engineer to be exempt from quarantine for such period or periods as required by him to undertake this critical repair and maintenance work. The exemption is subject to the condition that, save when performing such work,  the engineer must remain at the location where he was directed to quarantine  by the Proper Officer and must at all times comply with all other requirements as directed by the Proper Officer or the Acting Director of Health.

The engineer tested negative for COVID-19 upon arrival to St Helena and has since been required to perform daily Lateral Flow Tests. This will continue until the end of the quarantine period.  Relevant personnel have carried out risk assessments and all personnel involved have been briefed on the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures that will be implemented during works. 

Once the engineer is deemed to have completed the quarantine period and is released from quarantine he will be able to undertake his work under normal conditions for the duration of his contract.

The work which the engineer will carry out is crucial, and once completed will enable the Health Services Directorate to continue to provide essential health services to patients on-Island. 


27 April 2022

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