COVID-19 Testing Clinics – Reminder

The Health Services Directorate would like to remind the public of the following:

Persons who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are advised to call the COVID-19 Helpline on tel: 25888 to arrange an appointment at one of the testing clinics. Persons will be triaged and, if a COVID-19 test is required, an appointment will be arranged.  

The appointment process assists recording purposes and is to avoid any unnecessary congestion and delays within the testing clinics.  Persons who arrive at the testing clinic without an appointment will not be tested and will be advised to call the COVID-19 Helpline for an appointment.    

Parents and carers of children are also reminded that the Health Services Directorate are not testing children under the age of five years old. 

Persons who have had a COVID-19 test done independently are reminded that if a positive test result is received, to please report this to the Health Services via the COVID-19 Helpline so the Health Services can track and analyse the rate of infection. 


9 September 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470