Councillor Dr Essex to attend 65th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference

Councillor Dr Corinda Essex will be leaving on Saturday, 13 August 2022, to represent St Helena at the 65th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. A key topic for discussion will be Building Sustainable Economies in Small Jurisdictions which is very relevant to the Island at this time. Councillor Dr Essex will also be participating in a Trade Workshop for parliamentarians from across the Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies and Devolved Legislatures to be held in London. Her attendance at these events is funded by the UK and St Helena Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Branches.

Councillor Dr Essex will then join the Chair and other Members of the Public Accounts Committee for training in London and Cardiff and will return to St Helena on 24 September 2022.

Councillor Andrew Turner has kindly agreed to represent the Alarm Forest district whilst Councillor Dr Essex is overseas. Councillor Turner can be contacted on tel: 23235 or via email:

Legislative Council

11 August 2022

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