Alleged Breach of COVID-19 Isolation Regulations

St Helena Police can confirm that our officers are investigating an alleged breach of quarantine.

As with any active police investigation, we are unable to comment or provide further details at this time as to do so could prejudice our investigation.

In the event that members of the public are in possession of any information relating to an alleged breach of quarantine we ask that they contact us directly.

We ask that members of the public and the media are mindful that publishing information or material relating to active police investigations could prejudice such investigations.

The public is reminded that in accordance with the Public Health (Prevention of Formidable Diseases) (Coronavirus No.2) Regulations 2020, it is a criminal offence to:

a. Breach or attempt to breach quarantine, or a condition of quarantine;

b. Knowingly assist or attempt to assist another to breach quarantine;

c. Knowingly, and without reasonable excuse (the burden of proving which is on the person), enter or attempt to enter a location where a person or persons are in quarantine.

St Helena Police take any report of crime seriously and will thoroughly, robustly and impartially investigate reports of crime.

St Helena Police

27 January 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470