Airfreight Service on Johannesburg to St Helena Airlink Flights

Airlink flights with St Helena recommenced in March 2022. Since then, the island has seen four flights operated between here and Johannesburg, all of which have been full in terms of carrying capacity (being within the payload of cargo, passengers etc) for landing at St Helena Airport.

St Helena’s remoteness, coupled with there being little capacity at St Helena Airport for maintenance of Airlink aircraft, means that engineers, equipment and spares are carried on some St Helena and Ascension flights. This also impacts on payload.

Airfreight demand on Airlink flights outweighs capacity and a backlog of goods is being experienced. These flights carry a wide range of essential goods to the Island including high-priority goods (i.e. medical supplies), however all parties are doing their utmost to ensure all goods are transported to the Island.

All parties would like to thank customers for their understanding and continued support.

In order to assist with service efficiency, Airfreight Agents are reminded that any urgent cargo should be assigned to a separate Airway Bill and marked as such; and, where possible, placing large consignments on a single Airway Bill should be avoided.

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12 May 2022

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470