New statistical publications: St Helena in Figures, and St Helena At A Glance

The St Helena Statistics Office have released two new publications, ‘St Helena in Figures’, and ‘St Helena At A Glance’.

St Helena in Figures is a 16-page booklet with charts of indicators and trends about St Helena’s population and its economy; each chart is accompanied by a short commentary explaining the data and providing further context.

St Helena At A Glance’ provides a one-page summary of the latest headline figures about St Helena: the population, gross domestic product (GDP), price inflation, median income, passenger arrivals and departures, and the annual number of births and deaths.

Each publication will be updated when new data are released, and together they replace the previous two-page ‘St Helena in Figures’ publication.

Please contact the Statistics Office (+290 22138, or with any queries or comments about these two new publications.

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470