Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic – Friday, 28 May 2021

The Health Service Directorate would like to advise the public that there will be a COVID-19 vaccination clinic on Friday, 28 May, from 10am to 12 Noon at the Flu Pod, the General Hospital.

The Clinic is open to persons who have been advised to attend in order to receive their second dose of the vaccine.  Any persons who missed their earlier scheduled appointment to receive the second dose of the vaccine should also attend.  

If there are persons who have not yet received any vaccinations but would now like to do so, this is an opportunity to visit the Clinic and receive your first dose.  This applies to all persons who will reach the age of 18 years on or before 28 May 2021.  You will be advised of the date of your second dose appointment at the Clinic.   

Any persons aged 18 years and over who may have recently arrived to the Island and would need a first or second dose administered, are also welcome to drop into the Flu Pod on this day.

There are a limited number of vaccine doses available and there is a shelf life in which they must be used. The Health Service Directorate therefore urges persons who are still to receive the vaccine to come forward now. 

Protect yourself to protect St Helena.  


19 May 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470