Contact details for Councillors in each district

Members of the public who would like to raise any queries or concerns with their Councillors are advised of the contact details for the Councillor in each district:

DistrictCouncillorTelephone Number
LongwoodCllr Rosemary Bargo23663
JamestownCllr Gillian Brooks23505
Half Tree HollowCllr Ronald Coleman24250
Alarm ForestCllr Dr Corinda Essex22038
St PaulsCllr Robert Midwinter51500
LevelwoodCllr Karl Thrower61720
Blue Hill and Sandy BayCllr Andrew Turner23235

Residents are encouraged to contact the Councillor in their district but can choose to contact a Councillor allocated to a different area if they wish to do so.

Messages for any Councillor can be left with staff in the Legislative Council Office who are contactable on telephone numbers 22470 and 22590.

Councillors look forward to meeting with you and hearing your views.


10 November 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470