Shelby Bargo – Scholarship Student

Shelby Bargo will soon be attending the University of Plymouth – Devon, as a scholarship student. Learn more about what Shelby is planning to study and the skills she is looking forward to bringing back to St Helena.

Why have you chosen this field?

“Living my entire life on this tiny volcanic Island, surrounded by an ocean that boasts an amazing ecosystem both on land and sea, I found myself interested in, and drawn to the ocean. I always found myself involved with the ocean either through school, leisure or work. As my passion and interest grew it inspired me to look towards a career path in Marine Science.”

Why did you apply for a Scholarship?

“Throughout my A-Level studies the possibility of a Post-School Scholarship was always in my mind. I was pleased to achieve the required grades at A-Levels and so applied. All the while realising that if I was to be successful in securing a scholarship, it would be an amazing opportunity to develop my skills and bring valuable knowledge back to benefit St Helena, especially with the arising marine opportunities such as the development of the Marine Laboratory.”

Are you looking forward to going to University and why?

“Yes, I feel extremely rewarded to have the opportunity to be able to study a subject at Higher Education.
I’m looking forward to the step-up in learning from A-levels to a University standard and being able to study at Plymouth University which specialises in Marine Studies.”

What opportunities/experiences are you most looking forward to?

“Being able to work alongside like-minded students and studying under professors with such a wide insight into the Marine Life is one of the experiences I look forward to most.”

What are you hoping to bring back to the Island?

“Having looked at the Goals of the Marine Management Plan and compared to the modules in my course I hope to bring back knowledge to help fill these gaps. Along with a greater understanding on environmental problems and ways to maintain a sustainable environment from a recreational and commercial aspect.”

How will University help you in developing a career path?

“The Ocean Science and Marine Conservation course will allow me to gain the required skills to prepare me for a career in Marine Conservation and other Marine Industries such as environmental consultancy and the marine energy sector.
In my third year I will experience an overseas field course that is aimed at integrating ocean science and marine conservation knowledge and understanding across the different sub-disciplines to address real-world marine issues and apply them to St Helena.”

What skills are you hoping to develop?

“I aim to understand the oceanographic processes that support life in our oceans, how marine ecosystems function, and how marine activities can be managed sustainably, interpreting the policy structures designed to protect marine ecosystems and our oceans.
I also hope to gain specialist skills including ecological survey methods and quantitative data analysis, and qualitative skills related to stakeholder data collection such as structured interviews and questionnaires. Alongside developing my range of practical skills as a base for fieldwork afloat, and industry standard oceanographic and surveying equipment.”

How important is learning and how will your learning impact the future of St Helena?

“Learning is very important to me, I feel that gaining new knowledge to bring back and input into the Island is key, as we are the future of our Island.
Having the entirety of the Saint Helena Territorial Sea and Exclusive Fishing Zone (EFZ) classified as an IUCN Category VI (6) Marine Protected Area (MPA) it will always need people to ensure, that through regulation, the natural resources within the marine environment can be consumed and utilised in a sustainable manner. It is here that I hope that the knowledge and skills I gain during my studies will have a positive impact for St Helena, to change the way we view, utilise, and protect our marine environment. Thus securing its sustainability for generations to come.”

24 August 2021

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