Passenger to be transferred from Bradleys to the General Hospital

A passenger currently in quarantine at Bradley’s Camp has taken ill.  The passenger’s condition is not COVID-19 related.

The passenger having tested negative for COVID-19 pre-departure, on arrival to St Helena and on Day 10 of quarantine, poses minimal risk to the community and healthcare workers. 

Unfortunately the passenger’s condition is serious and requires urgent surgical intervention.  The passenger’s condition cannot be effectively treated or fully managed at Bradley’s Hospital facility, and is therefore being transferred to the General Hospital for treatment where they will remain in isolation.

All COVID-19 operating procedures are being adhered to, these include isolation, PPE, physical distancing and testing. It is not anticipated that additional measures are needed, such as quarantining of the nursing and medical teams who are managing this ill patient.

03 April 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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