Titan Airways Charter Flights – May 2021 And Beyond

Titan Airways' Boeing 757-200 aircraft at St Helena Airport (September 2020)

A Charter Flight, operated by Titan Airways, is scheduled to arrive at St Helena on or about the 10May 2021. The current schedule is as follows:

DateFlight NoDeparture TimeDeparture AirportArrival AirportArrival Time
10 May 21ZT95110015 UTC 0115 LocalLondon Stansted EGSS / STNAccra DGAA / ACC0715 UTC 0715 Local
10 May 21ZT95110800 UTC 0800 LocalAccra DGAA / ACCSt Helena FHSH / HLE1210 UTC 1210 Local
11 May 21ZT95121000 UTC 1000 LocalSt Helena FHSH / HLEAscension Island FHAW / ASI1210 UTC 1210 Local
11 May 21ZT95131410 UTC 1410 LocalAscension Island FHAW / ASISt Helena FHSH / HLE1620 UTC 1620 Local
12 May 21ZT95140900 UTC 0900 LocalSt Helena FHSH / HLEAccra DGAA / ACC1300 UTC 1300 Local
12 May 21ZT95141345 UTC 1345 LocalAccra DGAA / ACCLondon Stansted EGSS / STN2055 UTC 2155 Local

Passengers considering travelling on the May flight must register their interest by 9am on Wednesday, 14April 2021 (contact details are below). This strict deadline is necessary to allow flight arrangements to be made. Late requests will only be considered on an exceptional basis.


SHG is in the process of making arrangements for a further Titan Airways charter flight to fly to St Helena in June 2021. The anticipated date for this flight is the week commencing 21June. It is anticipated the aircraft will follow the same route as previous flights.


SHG are in discussions with Titan Airways about a further charter flight to St Helena in August 2021. It is anticipated that any such flight would be the week commencing 9 August.

Further information on the June and August flights will be released over the coming weeks.

Restrictions in South Africa

Ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, such as curfews in South Africa and restrictions on travellers entering the UK from South Africa, remain in place. These restrictions continue to make it impractical for the scheduled Airlink service to resume at present.

Planning for the Future

During March the Incident Executive Group (IEG) met to discuss and review SHG’s Coronavirus Strategy.

Regulations restricting entry to St Helena were repealed with effect from Thursday, 1 April 2021. This means that individuals can now enter St Helena by land and sea, subject to normal Immigration Laws and requirements of the Public Health Coronavirus Regulations.

COVID-19 preventative measures remain in place in St Helena which include testing on arrival to St Helena, mandatory 14-day quarantine on arrival and a negative test result being required before the mandatory quarantine period is deemed to be complete.

Flights to St Helena will continue with a maximum of 96 passengers because this aligns with the Island’s COVID-19 testing and quarantine security system capacity.

Travel Requests

Travel requests for the May, June and August flights can be submitted now (noting again that the booking request deadline for the May flight is 9am on Wednesday 14 April 2021).

Availability of both inbound and outbound seats on these charter flights will continue to be assigned on a priority basis, but passengers should note the new entry rules as advised above which will allow Islanders and visitors to make travel plans to the Island once more.

Travel requests should be submitted to the SHG Civil Aviation team via email: christina.plato@sainthelena.gov.sh or telephone: (+290) 22477. For those based on Ascension Island, or wishing to travel to or from Ascension Island, please contact the Shipping and Travel Office via email: flight.bookings@ascension.gov.ac.

Customers wishing to book commercial or governmental airfreight for carriage on the May, June and/or August charter flights are advised to use an appropriate freight forwarding agent to make the necessary arrangements.

Note to Editors

Titan Airways is a specialist in Air Charter Travel. As the charterer, SHG is responsible for allocating seats on the flights which are not available for general sale.

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8 April 2021

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