St Helena Travel And Tourism

On 1 April 2021 regulations restricting entry to St Helena were repealed. This means that individuals can now enter St Helena via air and sea as long as they meet normal Immigration Laws and the requirements of the Public Health Coronavirus Regulations.

St Helena is now hosting a number of tourists, in particular those arriving by yacht. St Helena is known for its welcoming hospitality towards tourists, and has, in the past, welcomed around 700 visitors per annum, arriving by yacht.

Whilst air access is limited, having yachting tourists on-Island using the payable services, contributes toward the Islands economy. It is therefore important for the Island’s community and businesses to continue its long standing reputation of providing a welcoming and enjoyable stay for yachting tourists. 

If yachting tourists enjoy their time on-Island they are more likely to promote St Helena as a place to visit. Tourism helps St Helena to increase export revenue and therefore achieves the aims of the Sustainable Economic Development Plan.

SHG’s Chief Economist, Nicole Shamier, said:

“The St Helena Tourism Office closed on the 31 March 2021. There will now be a transition period between the Tourism Office closing and reopening as the Visitor Information Service. The transition period will allow minor reorganisation and overviews of information services provided, as well as to embed new staff to the structure before opening in May. During the short absence of a tourism-based service, it would be beneficial to businesses and the community if there were combined efforts to assist any visitors that may request help with services or basic needs whilst on-Island as this would only encourage positive promotion for St Helena”.

Currently, visitors are able to access many resources available online such as the Inside St Helena app on their mobile phones, the tourism website for information about things to do and see on St Helena (, and the SHG website for Coronavirus Travel information, including flight information and quarantine accommodation information (

Should anyone have further questions regarding tourism on St Helena, please contact: For enquires about flights to and from St Helena, please contact:

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9 April 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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