St Helena Police Report – 4 January 2021 – 10 January 2021

During the week Monday, 4 January to Sunday, 10 January 2021, Police dealt with a total of 47 reports, resulting in three arrests.

Three domestic incidents were reported to Police, all of which resulted in three persons being arrested and bailed to return to Police pending further investigations.

A report of a theft was made. Investigations were carried out and it was established that no theft was committed. Advice was given on the matter.

Concerns were raised that vandalism was taking place in the Red Hill area around the bus shelter and the Vehicle Inspection Centre. Police are investigating this matter.

A report of loud music was made. Police attended the area and the person responsible was informed of the report and turned off the music. The public is reminded to be considerate of their neighbours and those living in close proximity to them. Reports of people playing loud music on a Thursday night and into the early hours of Friday have constantly being made.

Reports were made of vehicles parked in a private driveway. The owners of the vehicles were spoken to and the vehicles were moved.

A report of harassment was made and is being investigated. A further report of harassment was made which resulted in a person receiving a harassment warning.

A traffic collision was reported and is being investigated.

Several reports were made of a missing child. The child was located and returned home.

A report was made that children were banging on a residents door and running away.

A disturbance was reported whereby the complainant alleged they had been assaulted. This matter is being investigated.

The St Helena Fire & Rescue Service (SHF&RS) were called to rescue a dog which had been reported missing. The SHF&RS safely rescued the dog and the Veterinary Service kept the dog overnight for observations.

The SHF&RS were called to an area where the fire alarm had been activated. It was later established that this was a false alarm.

Several care orders were served, community engagements carried out and summons were served.

Until next week – Stay Safe!


15 January 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470