St Helena Health Transformation Programme – Orthopaedic Review

The first project under the St Helena Health Transformation Programme is a review of the Orthopaedic Service provided by the Health Service Directorate.

As part of this review we will be looking at the care provided to all our patients who have received orthopaedic treatment within the past six years.  As such, the Health Service Directorate will be writing to all patients where Hospital records show that they have received treatment under our Orthopaedic Service within this timeframe. We have engaged orthopaedic specialists to support the Directorate on St Helena.

As previously announced, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Wyatt, arrived on the flight last week. Dr Wyatt’s priority will be to clear the backlog of surgical cases but he also has a key role as our on-Island orthopaedic consultant working to support our orthopaedic specialists. Dr Wyatt will also be involved in reviewing the Orthopaedic Service to identify new ways of working across the care pathway, ensuring processes work efficiently and policies and procedures are improved, implemented and embedded in working practices.

Any queries or concerns, please contact our orthopaedic patient information line on tel. 25778 or email: 

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27 September 2021

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