SOLAS Call From Vessel Neuvo Rumbo

On the evening of 25 March, St Helena received a safety of life at sea (SOLAS) call from fishing vessel Neuvo Rumbo.  The vessel has requested approval to approach St Helena, being the closest port, to seek urgent medical attention for a crew member.

St Helena has an international obligation to uphold with regards to any SOLAS request.

The Health Directorate is in regular contact with the Neuvo Rumbo and it has been ascertained that the patient is in a critical condition. 

The vessel is expected in St Helena waters this evening.  Staff from the Health Directorate will board the vessel to provide immediate medical attention and assessment.  The patient will be brought ashore at the earliest opportunity for further medical assistance at Bradley’s Hospital, pending a medevac flight. 

There are no indications that the patient’s condition is COVID-19 related.  However, the COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures for arriving passengers have been activated to ensure the Health Directorate, Sea Rescue Service and Port Authorities are prepared for the arrival of this vessel; these will be applied and adhered to through-out the operations. 

The Health Directorate and Port Authorities will continue to monitor the vessels situation and will provide an update in due course. 

27 March 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470