Side Path Road Closure – Update

Construction works by Isaac’s Contractors have started on Side Path Road and are progressing well.  

The Capital Programme Section would like to remind the public that Side Path Road is closed to both pedestrians and vehicles for the duration of these works which are likely to take around seven months to complete. Pedestrians and vehicles can still gain access to Ruperts via Field Road.

Drivers who have been using the diversions since the road closed on Monday, 27 September, are thanked for their patience and consideration.  This has resulted in very few instances of congestion. 

There have been a few incidents concerning cars parking near the Hospital, and drivers are asked to respect the new ‘no-parking’ signs and barriers that have been erected, as well as the existing yellow lines. Isaac’s Contractors have spotters located at key locations. They are primarily there to assist with traffic movements via radio communications, so please look out for them and respect any directions that they may give to drivers or pedestrians.

29 September 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470