SHG Service Delivery Survey

The ‘live’ Service Delivery Survey launched by St Helena Government (SHG) in February 2021, to gauge customer satisfaction in respect of services offered by SHG, has been available for the past 11 weeks.  There has been a review of the results from 52 participants thus far.  The Survey asks customers to rate their satisfaction with 24 services provided by SHG, ranging from the Public Transport Service to the Public Library and Waste Management Service.

The results of the overall rating of customer satisfaction is shown below. However, it should be noted that out of 52 participants in the Survey, 11 skipped this question. 

 PercentageNumbers of persons out of total persons participating
Very Dissatisfied2.4%1
Neither Satisfied or Dissatisfied34.2%14
Very satisfied7.3%3
Total 41

The Survey offers the opportunity for people to also provide comments on individual services.  Comments received have been varied:

‘Customs Services could offer an online service in order for people to pay their invoices before going to the Wharf to collect their packages’

‘Waste Management Services need to do a few more collections weekly and more recycling bins offered for homes’

‘Hospital – The doctors should be on a night shift as well, being available on a 24/7 shift basis like the nurses.’

A summary of the results along with the comments have been shared with the respective Portfolios providing the services in question.  The Portfolios will consider what action can be taken to improve the services on offer.  

The Survey will remain ‘live’ and anyone wishing to participate can do so by clicking the following link:  

Hardcopies of the Survey, available from the Public Library and Customer Services Centre in Jamestown, can be completed and returned to Linda Benjamin, Information and Research Support Officer at the Castle.

SHG will report on Survey results and actions taken on a quarterly basis. 

4 May 2021

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