Public Consultation Meeting – Development Proposal For Satellite Earth Stations At Horse Point

The Planning Service has received a development application for the development of 19 Satellite Earth Stations and a Control Building at Horse Point and is now seeking the views of the community, businesses and other interested parties. This is the formal stage of the development process to assist with the assessment and its potential impact.

Public consultation meetings will be held as follows:

Thursday, 4 NovemberHarford Community Centre, Longwood7pm
Tuesday, 9 NovemberJamestown Community Centre7pm

In preparation for the proposals and Environmental Impact Assessment Report, the Government Officer, acting on behalf of the applicant, has held a number of public and stakeholder consultation meetings and walkabout to seek the views of the interested groups and the wider community. The view expressed at these meetings have been incorporated into the design proposal and report. The consultation meetings are now your opportunity to view the details of the proposal and to let the Land Development Control Authority know of your concerns and/or support for the proposal.

The Planning Officer will explain the details of the application and this will also be your opportunity to view the plans and supporting documentation and seek explanation.

The closing date for the public to express their views on the proposed development will be 4pm on Friday, 19November 2021.


22 October 2021

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