Ministerial Code, Legislative Council Standing Orders and Legislative Council Code of Conduct – Draft documents issued for information

A working draft of the Ministerial Code for the new Ministerial government after the forthcoming General Election has been issued today for public information. An earlier draft was circulated to Councillors and various officials in the SHG Administration before the end of Council on 2 August 2021. Their comments have been incorporated into the draft document. The final text of the Ministerial Code remains to be debated and accepted by the new Councillors after the General Election.

The publication of this working draft is intended to inform the public and prospective election candidates about the personal standards, responsibilities and conduct by which future Ministers are expected to maintain in their duties to Executive Council, Legislative Council, the Public Service administration and their personal business. The Ministerial Code will apply to all Ministers, including the Chief Minister. It is based on a slimmed down version of the UK Ministerial Code, amended and tailored extensively to be relevant to the legislation and procedures in place on St Helena.

The Ministerial Code would not apply to those Councillors who do not hold a ministerial post. Instead, they will continue to be bound by an updated Legislative Council Code of Conduct and set of Standing Orders. The draft texts of these documents have also been issued for information today. The final texts will be discussed, finalised and ultimately accepted at the first meeting of the new Legislative Council after the General Election.

All draft documents are available on the St Helena Government website here:

Hardcopies of each document will be made available for viewing in the Public Library.

Notes to Editors

The texts are not finalised and subject to amendment before approval by the first Legislative Council after the General Election. They are released to assist in contributing to a general understanding of a future ministerial government on the basis of ‘indicative not definitive, for information only’.

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11 August 2021

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