Governance Reform – Update 1

On 26 March 2021, Legislative Council passed a resolution endorsing the
result of the Consultative Poll conducted on St Helena on 17 March 2021.
The resolution further recommended that the Constitution be amended to
change the governance system of St Helena to a ministerial system of

A Governance Reform Implementation Group has representation from the
Governor’s Office, Attorney General’s (AG) Chambers, the Speaker’s
Office, the Chair of the Social & Community Development Committee
(SCDC), the St Helena Government’s (SHG) administration’s Central
Support Service and Press Office. The Group is now taking forward with
the UK the negotiation on the constitutional changes needed for a new
governance system. The Group is progressing six strands of work, and
through a monthly update, the public will be made aware of progress
against each strand.

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470