Economic Development Investment Programme 2021/22 Micro Projects

The Capital Programme Office (previously known as the Programme Management Unit) is pleased to advise that the following micro projects, funded through the Economic Development Investment Programme (EDIP), have been approved for 2021/22:

  • Maldivia Parking
  • HTH Water Investigation and Immediate Mitigation
  • Embankment Stabilisation Works on ENRP Controlled Land, Scotland

Repairs to Bishops Bridge have also been prioritised, along with refurbishing the remaining Public Toilets, but these can only be implemented once detailed costings are developed in the next two to three months.

The approval of these micro projects is the result of a prioritisation exercise by Elected Members in early April 2021.

Project works will now progress during this financial year.

Notes to Editor:

In 2019, Executive Council gave approval for an annual budget of £150,000 under the Economic Development Investment Programme for ‘micro-projects’, or those projects that can be implemented relatively quickly with a low total cost (i.e. £50,000 or less). This budget is intended to support projects that may not have easily quantifiable benefits, but do directly support strategic economic development goals (e.g. increasing tourism, promoting a green economy, etc) or have the potential to improve future infrastructure investments.

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26 April 2021

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