Defining and Promoting St Helena’s Identity

St Helena’s ‘brand’

Every person who has lived on or visited St Helena gets an impression of the Island, such as:

  • The overall experience of life on this remote territory
  • The people and the place, and
  • The values, beliefs and assets that St Helena’s history has shaped.

One way of interpreting that impression is through the Island’s ‘brand.’

But no wide-scoping research has yet gone into clearly defining the community’s identity or perception of our ‘brand’.

As the Island’s marketing efforts change shape, being able to clearly and concisely define and articulate our ‘brand,’ and let that brand underscore all our promotional activities, is at the top of the agenda:

  • It’s important for the sustainable development of the Island
  • It’s important to know what the community most values; and
  • It’s important for refining how we promote ourselves to the outside world.

‘Brand St Helena’

The goal is to turn the natural impression of the Island – St Helena’s ‘brand’ – into a community-led, clear definition of who we are and what we value – into a tangible ‘Brand St Helena.’

Brand St Helena would afterwards inform, and be at the forefront of, all of St Helena’s promotional efforts.

We want the people and culture of the Island – and the values, beliefs and goals most commonly shared – to form the basis of all the Island’s marketing and promotion. To celebrate our unique community and define the things we most love. To ensure that our marketing efforts align with the community’s goals. To put people at the forefront of what St Helena ‘is’.

How are we doing this?

SHG’s Sustainable Development Team will be contacting a wide variety of stakeholders over the coming weeks to conduct short one-on-one interviews. The aim is to collect views from a diverse set of stakeholders in order to let the community define the new ‘Brand St Helena.’

Questionnaires will also be made available to the general public once initial stakeholder interviews have been completed.

A competition will also be run in the schools, allowing school children of all ages to feed into the brand.

Further information will be published in local newspapers, aired on local radio and placed on social media in due course.

All names will be kept confidential.

For more information please contact Marketing Manager, Emma Weaver, via: or on tel: 22470.


15 July 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

Telephone: 22470