Cynthia Bennett Achieves Level 4 Certificate In Education & Training

The Education, Skills & Employment Portfolio would like to congratulate Cynthia Bennett of the Lifelong Learning Section on her achievement in successfully completing and passing the Pearson BTEC Level 4 Certificate in Education & Training.

Cynthia started this course in November 2019 and completed the qualification in March 2021. The course covered modules such as understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships, planning to meet the needs of learners, delivering education and training, assessing learners, using resources, delivering employability skills, equality and diversity and preparing for the coaching role. It also entailed 30 hours of recorded practical teaching, three sessions of which were officially assessed by the training providers.

During the study period Cynthia demonstrated commitment and determination. Cynthia is now eager and passionate to apply these extra skills when delivering training.

Cynthia commented:

“I am very happy to be awarded this Certificate. I hope that this will signify to others that with hard work and determination anything can be achieved – at any age! My only regret is not doing this earlier, don’t let this be your regret too.”

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6 July 2021

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