Consultative Poll on Governance Reform – The Results

St Helena went to the Polls yesterday, Wednesday 17 March 2021, to find out whether the public wanted to see a change to the Current System of Governance and, if so, whether a Revised Committee System or a Ministerial System of Governance would be preferred.

Following the closing of the Polling Stations at 7pm, a count was held at the St Helena Community College.

The results portray that the majority of those who voted wanted a change to the Current System of Governance. Of those who voted, more voted for a Ministerial System of Governance than a Revised Committee System.

The votes were broken down as follows:

Total Number of Ballots: 372 (17.3% of eligible voters on the Register of Electors and Supplemental List of Individuals for this Poll)
Spoilt Ballots: 1
Valid Ballots: 371

Total Responses to Q1: 361 (97.3% of Valid Ballots)

Q1: Do you want the current system of governance to be changed?
Yes286Representing 79.2% of responses to Q1
No75Representing 20.8% of responses to Q1

Total Responses to Q2: 336 (90.6% of Valid Ballots)

Q2: If the public will is for a change to the current system of governance, should the governance system be changed to:
a) Revised Committee System151Representing 44.9% of responses to Q2
b) Ministerial System185Representing 55.1% of responses to Q2
Votes Cast by District
Jamestown7018.8% of total ballots cast
St Paul’s9926.6% of total ballots cast
Half Tree Hollow7018.8% of total ballots cast
Alarm Forest5214.0% of total ballots cast
Levelwood41.1% of total ballots cast
Sandy Bay143.8% of total ballots cast
Blue Hill174.6% of total ballots cast
Longwood4612.4% of total ballots cast

Thanks are extended to all who took the time to cast their vote in this important Poll for St Helena.

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18 March 2021

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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