Constituency Meetings

The public is invited to attend the first round of constituency meetings with the newly elected Legislative Council. These meetings are an opportunity for you to meet with your Councillors and raise any issues you might have. You are encouraged to attend the meeting in your district.

Constituency meetings will take place at 7pm as follows:

Monday, 22 NovemberGuinea Grass Community Centre  
Tuesday, 23 November      Silver Hill Bar, Levelwood
Wednesday, 24 November    St Mary’s Church, Briars   
Thursday, 25 November    Sandy Bay Community Centre  
Monday, 29 November Kingshurst Community Centre  
Tuesday, 30 November   Jamestown Community Centre  
Wednesday, 1 December       Harford Community Centre
Monday, 6 December (TBC)    Half Tree Hollow Community Centre   
Wednesday, 8 DecemberSt Michael’s Church, Ruperts 
Thursday, 9 December (provisional)Blue Hill Community Centre

The public is advised of the contact details for the Councillor representing each district. Constituents are encouraged to contact the Councillor representing their district but can choose to contact a Councillor allocated to a different area if they so wish.

DistrictCouncillorTelephone NumberEmail address
LongwoodCllr Rosemary    
JamestownCllr Gillian    
Half Tree HollowCllr Ronald    
Alarm ForestCllr Corinda     
St PaulsCllr Robert  
LevelwoodCllr Karl  
Blue Hill and Sandy BayCllr Andrew  


16 November 2021

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