‘Bubble’ Arrangements for Home Quarantine

The Incident Executive Group (IEG) agreed changes to Home Quarantine Arrangements on 2 June 2021.  One of these changes is to allow ‘Bubble’ arrangements for Home Quarantine.

‘Bubble’ arrangements allow arriving passengers to enter mandatory home quarantine with each other or with persons on-Island.  Bubble arrangements have been approved and used successfully previously.   There are a number of advantages to such arrangements, for example, having support during the quarantine period or groups travelling to St Helena for specific projects can spend the quarantine period working remotely. 

Each passenger travelling to St Helena is required to complete a pre-arrival questionnaire.  This questionnaire will be used to notify the Proper Officers in the Health Service Directorate of the passenger’s intention to enter mandatory quarantine with another person or persons, whether persons arriving on the same flight or persons already on-island.     

Quarantine bubbles will only be permitted in accordance with the measures set out below:

  1. Quarantine can only take place at properties approved by the Proper Officers in line with the Home Quarantine Policy
  2. Arriving passengers must adhere to the rules for travel to St Helena at the time of the flight. This includes:
    • Providing a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result;
    • Abiding with social distancing and hygiene requirements on-board the flight
    • Undertaking a COVID-19 test on arrival to St Helena. 
    • (If a person arrives to the Island and tests positive for COVID-19, the quarantine bubble arrangement will no longer be permitted for health reasons.  An alternative quarantine property will be sought, for example, Bradleys)
  1. Persons on-Island must enter the quarantine bubble voluntarily and at their own risk
  2. Persons on-Island must make the necessary work/leave arrangements for the quarantine period.  This is an entirely voluntary arrangement and no financial or absence claims can be reclaimed from their employer
  3. All persons in quarantine, including persons on-Island who enter into home quarantine with arriving passengers, must fully comply with all quarantine rules.  Once in home quarantine, all persons are legally required to remain in the approved property and to meet all conditions set by the Proper Officers.  The quarantine period is only deemed to have been completed if they test negative for COVID-19 on the final day of quarantine

If you have any further queries, please email: communitycovid19@sainthelena.gov.sh

5 July 2021

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