Bradleys Oxygen Plant – Update

The Oxygen Plant for Bradleys Hospital arrived on-Island in May 2021. 

To date the Plant has been successfully situated onsite as part of the local civil works project being undertaken by Henry’s Building Construction. The civil works are to be completed in advance of the underground oxygen pipework installation to each Intensive Care Unit and Hospital bed. 

Due to the high global demand for oxygen-related supplies, there is an unprecedented material shortage and professionals in this area are extremely sought after. St Helena Government is working closely with Oxygen Plant Manufacturer Novair to ensure an early-2022 operational date.  

Once the Oxygen Plant is operational it will enable the capability to provide piped oxygen at the Bradleys facility. In the meantime bottled oxygen continues to be available at Bradleys Hospital if needed by patients.  

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2 November 2021

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